Christine Fowle Bio:


Each of us has a story. While mine undoubtedly began long before I can recall, within this lifetime, it has compelled me to search all over the world for something I ultimately never needed to leave home to find. Searching For OM has during this time, provided me with the platform to iron out what I discovered hiding in the recesses of my mind. But it is still the study of mind itself that fascinates me the most.

The masters of the past left us with stepping stones of wisdom all leading to the same place. The message is simple: we are infinite beings and each of us, without exception, has the capacity to discover this for ourselves. Searching For OM is a small reminder of this.  

Amy King Bio:

Everything on the planet is interconnected, as are our stories.  None of us are special. All of us are special. There appears to be a bubbling up across the globe, a call to consciousness, to examine our priorities and the expression of our lives. My contribution to Searching For OM is about this, connecting with each other in our humanity and ushering in this time of unapologetic authenticity.